DocFetcher Server 1.x for macOS

Nam-Quang Tran
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On this page, you can buy DocFetcher Server 1.x for macOS.

Please see the DocFetcher Pro website for a detailed product description.

Before you buy:

  1. Be sure to create a permanent account here on Gumroad, otherwise you will not be able to access future bugfix releases.
  2. You may want to check out the free demo first. This will ensure that the program will actually run on your system.

How to purchase this product:

  1. Double-check that you're on the right product page. People sometimes confuse the Windows / Linux / macOS version with one another. Also, be sure not to confuse DocFetcher Pro and DocFetcher Server.
  2. Select a client limit on the right. A client limit of 1 means at most one user at a time will be able to connect to the server. Note that users are counted by browser sessions, not IP addresses. (Why?) You can upgrade to a higher client limit later, but not downgrade to a lower client limit. If the client limit you want is beyond the available range, you can ask Support to add it to the list. Client limits beyond 20 are only provided in increments of 5, e.g., 140 or 145, but not 143.
  3. Optional: Choose a quantity, i.e., how many copies of the software you want to buy. Each copy can only be deployed on a single server machine.
  4. Click the price field on the right and enter a price equal to or greater than the minimum price.
  5. Click the "Buy this" button beneath the price field.
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DocFetcher Server 1.x for macOS

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