DocFetcher Pro 1.x Demo for Linux

Nam-Quang Tran
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On this page, you can download the free demo of DocFetcher Pro 1.x for Linux.

Please see the DocFetcher Pro website for a detailed product description.

To get the demo, enter a price of $0 or more in the price field on the right and then click the "I want this!" button beneath the price field. By entering a price greater than $0, you can make a donation to the DocFetcher project.

If you have any questions or experience any issues with the demo (strange behavior, crashes, etc.), feel free to contact support.

Some users have observed a sluggish and unresponsive GUI after indexing a very large folder. You can find more information on this issue under the question "After indexing, the GUI remains sluggish and unresponsive, what can I do?" on the DocFetcher Pro FAQ.

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DocFetcher Pro 1.x Demo for Linux

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